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aircraft of the A320neo family on order, 45 of which are for the larger A321neo. The new aircraft are earmarked for Lufthansa and Swiss. Furthermore, Lufthansa plans further per- ceptible increases in ef ciency on long- haul routes: In winter 2016 the airline will receive its rst Airbus A350-900 and thus add a highly ef cient aircraft to its eet from 2017. It is also characterized by signi cantly lower noise emissions. The A350-900 is the most modern and environmental friendly aircraft worldwide – and the rst step into the “2-liter class”: It ies more fuel-ef ciently than any other type of aircraft. On average, the A350-900 will consume a mere 2.9 liters of kerosene per passenger carried over a distance of 100 kilometers. This is about 25 percent less than the consumption of aircraft currently operated. Similarly, its noise footprint is up to 50 percent smaller than that of comparable types of aircraft. The share of the most advanced materials in the A350-900’s structure reaches more than 70 percent. The A350-900 will accommodate 293 passengers: 48 in Business Class, 21 in Premium Economy and 224 in Economy Class. A new, more space-ef cient cabin con guration offers an increased seat pitch in Business Class and more seating capacity in Economy Class. utilization of space At takeoff, the noise foot- print is only about half as large as that of compara- ble preceding models. 50% less noise The A320neo is over 15% more fuel ef cient than current comparable models. 15% fuel reductionGeared turbofan tech- nology ensures that the engines are signi cantly quieter and use less fuel. Quieter engines Wing tip extensions that are 2.4 meters tall produce enhanced aerodynamic performance. Aerodynamic advantages All new A320neo and A321neo planes are tted with noise-reducing vortex generators as standard equipment. Reduction of noise levels The Airbus A320neo Less noise. Less fuel. More comfort. 116 aircraft The Lufthansa Group has a total of 116 aircraft of the A320neo family on order: “neo” stands for “new engine option”. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2016 // Lufthansa Group // 31

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