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DLH_Balance_2016_ENG - Energy and resource management

Electromobility at Frankfurt Airport E-PORT AN initiates paradigm shift Electricity instead of gasoline, diesel or kerosene: Such is the basic principle of the initiative E-PORT AN at the Frankfurt hub, which is supported by the Lufthansa Group, The Lufthansa Group sees great potential in electromobility, which marks a technological paradigm shift in traf c on the ground. To conserve fossil energy and minimize emis- sions related to aircraft handling, the Group is active in a number of electromobility projects. These are in accordance with the goals of the world aviation association IATA and are part of the aviation industry’s four- pillar strategy for climate protection (see page 45). Making aircraft more fuel-ef cient and quieter is a pivotal, but not the only, adjustment lever for increasing the environmental compatibility of air transport. On the ground, as well, there are a myriad of opportunities to limit emissions of pollutants and noise, as well as to use valuable resources ef ciently and responsibly. The eSchlepper diesel-electric hybrid aircraft tug is particularly suited for environmentally friendly maintenance and positioning tows of large passenger aircraft. Fraport AG, the State of Hesse and the Rhine-Main Model Electromobility Region. The goal of the initiative – which was honored as a “Lighthouse Electromo- bility Project” by Germany’s Federal Government in 2013 and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure – is to switch ground traf c related to handling processes on the apron to electrical power technologies step by step. The project’s focus is as much on taxiing and towing of aircraft as it is on 52 // Climate and Environmental Responsibility

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