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Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2016 // Lufthansa Group // 109 D Decibel Measuring unit for the intensity and pres- sure of sound. The difference in intensity between the softest sound the human ear can perceive and the pain threshold is 1:10 trillion. To depict this enormous range objectively, acoustics uses the logarithmic decibel scale. On this scale, the value “0” is assigned to the perception threshold (for a sound of 1,000 Hz) and the pain threshold at the value “130”. An increase of 10 dB corresponds to a tenfold increase in sound intensity. For the perceived volume, a difference of 10 dB corresponds to half or double the volume. However, the human ear is not equally sensitive across the entire range of frequencies. Low and high sounds are not perceived as being equally loud even at the same intensity. For measure- ments, this difference is equalized and noted accordingly. The best known such notation is the A value, marked by the index dB(A). To measure aircraft noise, the EPNdB (Effective Perceived Noise Decibel) unit is used internationally. Diversity In a corporate context, diversity refers to all characteristics that distinguish employees from one another. Diversity management offers approaches for handling human differences for the bene t of company and employees alike. DLR – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Center) The DLR serves scienti c, economic, and social purposes. It maintains 33 institutes, testing facilities and research centers. Its declared goal is to help – using the means of aviation and space ight – to secure and shape the future. In its work, the DLR also seeks cooperation and allocation of research tasks among European partners. DNWE – Deutsches Netzwerk Wirt- schaftsethik (German Network for Business Ethics) DNWE is a nonpro t organization of which Lufthansa has been a member since January 1998. DNWE has more than 600 current members, including many from German business, politics, religion, and science. At the same time, DNWE is a national association of the European Busi- ness Ethics Network (EBEN). E ECPI The Lufthansa Group’s place in the ECPI® Index family was con rmed in 2015. This index comprises the 150 highest-capital- ized companies within the European eco- nomic and monetary union, which repre- sent suitable and sustainable investments according to the ECPI’s screening method. The ECPI analyzes data in the environmen- tal, social and governance (ESG) areas of companies as well as the development, calculation and publication of ECPI indices. It monitors 4,000 issuers by means of a disciplined and certi ed method that covers a range of ESG criteria. EMAS – Environmental Management European regulations concerning environ- mental management and certi cation; colloquially referred to as EU eco-audit regulations. Equivalent continuous noise level (Leq) The Leq is a measure for the energetic average of all sound pressure levels over a de ned period of time. All sound events that differ in intensity and duration are summarized according to mathematical rules. The resulting average value is an accepted and proven measurement of the noise quantity occurring over an observed time interval. Ethibel – Ethibel Sustainability Index The independent Belgian agency Ethibel has listed Lufthansa in its Ethibel Invest- ment Register and the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI). The ESI offers institutional investors, asset managers, banks, and private investors a comprehensive overview of the nancial results of companies that distinguish themselves by pursuing sustain- able business practices. Since the merger with Vigeo and Stock at Stake in 2005, this index has been part of Vigeo. However, Forum Ethibel continues to be responsible for the ethical criteria and the composition of the ESI. Updates of and calculations for the index are performed by the internation- ally renowned index provider Standard & Poor’s. F Freight performance (FTKO/FTKT) Airlines distinguish between freight perfor- mance offered (FTKO, freight tonne kilome- ters offered) and its sold freight perfor- mance (FTKT, freight tonne kilometers transported). See also “Tonne kilometers”. FTSE4Good The index was introduced in 2001 by FTSE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange. It lists only those compa- nies that meet the internationally accepted standards for corporate responsibility in the following dimensions: environmental management, climate change, human and labor rights along the supply chain, corpo- rate governance, and anti-corruption efforts. Lufthansa has been listed since 2001.

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