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More transparency and dialogue: First Group- wide standardized employee survey For many years, employee surveys have been an important instrument for the Lufthansa Group to capture the mood among employees, identify action areas and introduce necessary changes early on. Under the name “involve me ” the rst Group-wide standardized employee survey took place in 2015 (see page 82, Balance 2015). The new procedure is an important step on the path towards a transparent, Group-wide dialogue and allows a direct comparison of results as well as coordinat- ed measures across business segments. From a total of 72,000 employees in 17 companies, 52 percent seized the opportu- nity to participate in the survey and com- municate their personal impressions anon- ymously. At the core of the survey were ten topic areas re ecting the Group’s strategic agenda “7to1 – Our Way Forward” – including strategy and corporate management, the Com- pany as employer, customer orientation, information and communication, working conditions as well as innovation and change. One important insight from “involve me ” was that employees place an emphasis on further developing and improving the error and feedback culture. New ratio “Engagement Index” The Executive Board took the opportunity of the publication of the survey results to announce the introduction of the new ratio “Engagement Index” in the course of 2016. It consists of three components and re ects the fact that the success of the Lufthansa Group with its international activities depends to a very signi cant degree on committed and motivated staff. The “En- gagement Index” will be calculated regu- larly in the future and communicated to top management. Furthermore, a pilot project is planned in which employees can rate measures that may strengthen the “En- gagement Index”. In this way, management has the opportunity to adapt measures independently of an “involve me ” survey. With regard to the new “Engagement Index” the Lufthansa Group achieved an average of 2.3, which was marginally worse than the external comparison value of 2.2. The latter is based on responses to a company- neutral version of the “involve me ” ques- tionnaire by 4,000 external employees in Germany and abroad. A similar picture was generated for the topic “connection with the company”: Here, the Lufthansa Group achieved an average of 2.4 (comparison value: 2.2). The most important results of the employee survey have been published on the intranet. In the future, “involve me ” will take place every two years and will be complemented by annual short surveys. Program for professional reorientation In 2013, the Lufthansa Group set up the COMPASS program. It addresses employ- ees and managers whose jobs are threat- ened, who seek new professional chal- lenges within or outside the Group or who would like to become self-employed. COMPASS thus makes an important con- tribution to shaping staff adaptation pro- cesses in socially compatible ways. Since the program’s launch, more than 1,500 employees and over 150 managers have already used its con dential career counseling services. COMPASS consists of various service modules, including com- prehensive counseling concerning profes- sional reorientations, active accompaniment by counselors throughout the application process as well as a Company-related job exchange. Since the beginning of 2015, the job exchange has offered even more up-to-date job listings from more than 50 partner companies (see page 82, Balance 2015). 90 // Social Responsibility

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