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One important concern is to strengthen the Company further by means of mixed management teams and increased staff di- versity at the management level, especially by making managerial positions more attractive for women. New project Diversity@LHGroup For this purpose the Group launched the strategic project Diversity LHGroup in 2015. Against the backdrop of current social developments and megatrends, its task is to develop Group-wide solutions in the target areas of gender balance in management, internationality and age structures. A broad scope of measures and programs have either been adopted or already implemented during the reporting year. Following the principle that managing can be divided, the Lufthansa Group offers programs for managers, such as “Man- aging Part-time” and “Shared Leadership”. In the interest of increased job rotation, the Group limits management positions to ve years and permits sabbaticals to better accommodate the life situations of modern managers. Furthermore, the project Diver- sity LHGroup reassesses established career models and the working conditions in management with a view to increasing the share of women in management positions. The Group has seen noticeable success in this area since it introduced the long-established transparent job posting process for non-managerial staff for management positions as well and began applying diversity criteria when lling such vacancies. The Lufthansa Group supports and accom- panies younger female managers in their professional advancement with a cross- company mentoring program. The internal program “Go ahead” also addresses women aiming at a management-level position (see page 77, Balance 2015). Women in management positions That the Lufthansa Group is on the right path with its strategy is illustrated by its coming in second in the “Women-on-Board Index 100 II” 2015 (WoB), which the nonpartisan initiative Women on Boards publishes on behalf of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. The WoB 100 II is calculated by the percentage share of women in super- visory board and management board posi- tions in relationship to the total number of members on these two boards. At the Lufthansa Group, two of ve mem- bers of the Executive Board are already female, which corresponds to a share of 40 percent. The Group also met the women’s quota of 30 percent passed by Germany’s parliament in 2015 for supervi- sory board positions of companies listed on the stock exchange and applying codetermination, even before it came into effect on January 1, 2016. On May 1, 2015, the “Gesetz f r die gleich- berechtigte Teilhabe von Frauen und M n- nern an F hrungspositionen in der Privat- wirtschaft und im ffentlichen Dienst” (“Law Welcome diversity! A multitude of perspectives enhances the competitiveness of the business. And sometimes it is not the familiar way that leads to the best results. Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2016 // Lufthansa Group // 83

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