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The Lufthansa Group reacts with a broad range of ideas, programs and offers to changes in the work environment. How is this commitment received and where is a need for optimizations? Here are three personal views on these issues by: Dr. Bettina Volkens, member of the Lufthansa Group’s Executive Board and in charge of Corporate Human Resources and Legal Affairs since July 2013, Petra Hollmeyer, Manager Project Management Leadership VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services and with Lufthansa Technik since May 2001 and Dino ­ Bonvecchi, ProTeam trainee at the ­ Lufthansa Group since 2015. How would you describe the Lufthansa Group’s work environment in three adjectives?  Highly professional, quality-conscious, diverse.  Diverse, hierarchical, quality-conscious.  Professional, complex, increasingly dynamic. What makes an employer attractive for you? Is the ­ Lufthansa Group well placed in this respect?  For me, the primary consideration is sufficient opportuni- ties for development. In my opinion, the so-called “profession- al career” ought to be developed more consciously because not everybody can and wants to be a manager. In this area I see even more potential for the Lufthansa Group. As the life working time is getting longer, the compatibility of work and private life has great importance. The options offered, such as part-time work and special leave, are good ones. When it comes to women in management positions – ­ especially in technical areas – even though there are positive developments, we could do even better with more female managers, in my opinion. Against the background of the current pension debate I appreciate the favorable employee benefits the Company offers. Especially the Company ­ pension is a very important building block for me. Therefore, I hope that it will be preserved over the long-term.  Very much so! We are a modern and responsible employer with unbelievably diverse employment and development options. People make a conscious decision in favor of the Lufthansa Group and work with commitment and enthusiasm for the common goal. To keep it this way, we analyze our internal and external environment regularly with an eye on relevant influences and trends and adapt our personnel concepts accordingly if needed. One very impor- tant aspect is to always listen to the employees’ concerns. We make sure we do so by cultivating our trust-based and feedback-oriented corporate culture. Numerous dialogue and participation formats and our Group-wide employee survey support us in this task. Every employee receives the same appreciation from us. Whether a company is an ­ attractive employer depends on many factors – not just the working environment, career opportunities, employee ­ benefits and possibilities to achieve balance between pro­ fessional and private lives. We know that the world around us is not at a standstill and that is why we work increasingly on topics such as digitalization, diversity and internationality so as to offer an interesting job portfolio and an attractive ­ working environment in the future as well. viewpoints

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