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Work and family in harmony To the extent that society has changed, the classic concept of family has also lost in terms of dominance. The Lufthansa Group accommodates this development by means of a family-friendly corporate cul- ture, which facilitates the compatibility of work and private life and thus increases the Group’s attractiveness in competing for more than just young professionals. One adjusting lever is the implementation of innovative work concepts, such as “New Workspace”: The latter offers employees at the Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC) in Frankfurt more exibility and drives “Mobile Of ce” and “Home Of ce” solutions (see page 6, Changing working environment). In addition, employees bene t from “breathing” work time options, which take into account changing needs in different phases of life. A better work-life balance is also supported by comprehensive offers for child care and vacation care, which the aviation group offers through pme Famili- enservice. Furthermore, Lufthansa employ- ees who need a child-care solution at short notice or for a short period of time have had two additional parent-child of ces available in Frankfurt since 2015. And to ensure that parents do not have to be without reliable child care during school vacations, the Company extended its estab- lished internal summer school vacation care program “Luftikusse” to its Munich location for the rst time during the reporting year. Given current demographic changes, the importance of family care is growing. The Lufthansa Group meets this challenge with comprehensive information on the intranet for affected employees, the placement of nursing staff through pme Familienservice and access for Lufthansa employees to the Internet pages of Deutscher P egering (German Care Association). In addition, the Company signed the “Charter for compati- bility between work and care in Hesse” during the reporting year. In 2015, the Lufthansa Group expanded the “Luftikusse” program. This full-day internal summer vacation childcare offer for employee children gives varied insights into the Group’s world. 86 // Social Responsibility

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