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The Lufthansa Group’s humanitarian emergency aid Refugee aid (2015) Earthquake, Nepal (2015) Ebola crisis, western Africa (2014) Typhoon, Philippines (2013) Earthquake and tsunami, Japan (2011) Famine, Eastern Africa (2011) Earthquake, Haiti (2010) Earthquake, Pakistan (2005) Tsunami, southeast Asia (2004) MD-11F freight capacities 90 tonnes of aid supplies max. lower deck: freight hold 5: 14.4 m3 loose cargo rear hold: 4 positions 244 x 318 cm max. or 14 LD3 containers front hold: 6 positions 244 x 318 cm max. main deck: 26 positions 244 x 318 cm max. Aid supplies food parcels equipment for treating drinking water medicines, medical equipment hygiene articles, clothes tents, sleeping bags tools mobile kindergartens Flight routing Depending on the distance to the disaster area, this may include a refueling stop and a crew change. 5 Landing in the disaster area ADH takes delivery of the aid supplies and organizes their distribution by land. 6 Resumption of scheduled services The MD-11F’s mission is completed. The aircraft leaves the disaster area and resumes its regular ight operations. 7 Sustainability Report Balance // Issue 2016 // Lufthansa Group At a glance

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