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Range indicated in general with maximum number of passengers or payload, respectively. In part, different versions are in operation. Legend 4U = Germanwings CL = Lufthansa CityLine EN = Air Dolomiti EW = Eurowings LH = Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo LX = Swiss OS = Austrian Airlines WK = Edelweiss Air HB-IQZ HB-IHX Swiss and Edelweiss Air Austrian Airlines Bombardier Q400 OS: 18 aircraft, 76 seats, 1,350 km range Boeing 777F LH: 5 aircraft, 657m3 /103t, 8,900km range Airbus A330-300 WK: 1 aircraft, 315 seats, 9,000km range Avro RJ100 LX: 16 aircraft, 97 seats, 2,150km range Airbus A330-300 LX: 14 aircraft, 236 seats, 9,850km range Airbus A340-300 LX: 15 aircraft, 219 seats, 13,000km range Airbus A330-200 WK: 1 aircraft, 275 seats, 10,800km range Airbus A321-100/200 LX: 8 aircraft, 219 seats, 2,100km range Airbus A320-200 WK: 6 aircraft, 168 seats, 4,150km range Airbus A319-100 LX: 5 aircraft, 138 seats, 3,350km range Airbus A319-100 OS: 7 aircraft, 138 seats, 3,350km range Airbus A320-200 OS: 16 aircraft, 168 seats, 4,150km range Fokker 70 OS: 6 aircraft, 80 seats, 2,250km range Fokker 100 OS: 14 aircraft, 100 seats, 2,100km range Boeing 767-300ER OS: 6 aircraft, 214 seats, 10,250km range Boeing 777-200ER OS: 5 aircraft, 308 seats, 12,100km range Airbus A321-100/200 OS: 6 aircraft, 200 seats, 4,150km range Airbus A320-200 LX: 22 aircraft, 180 seats, 2,700km range

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